These are questions previously submited by our customers. We collect all your questions and add the popular ones to this list so you can check them directly on this page, if you cant find your question please fill the form below and we will answer it!


  • How long will it take for my order to arrive?

    We try our best to get every order to where it’s supposed to be within 30 to 45 minutes. BUT, sometimes, we get delayed by bad weather, traffic, protest marches, loose farm animals, earthquakes, shifts in the moon’s gravity or student pranks. If your delivery is running late, please call your local store and they’ll track it down.

  • My order is late – what you gonna do about that?

    All we can do is apologise – and we do – and suggest you call your local store to find out what’s happening to your delicious pizza.

  • How do i change, cancel or delay my order?

    That’s easy – All Four Star Pizza outlets are franchises so just contact your local store to make any changes or to cancel. Easy-peasy.

  • Why do Bun Bros epic burgers taste so good?

    Not telling.

  • How do i get a refund?

    If you placed your order through our website, we can process your refund online – just use the contact us form, give us your order number and the reason why a refund is due.

    If you paid for your order at the store, just contact them directly  and they’ll sort it out.

    If you used Just Eat then you’ll have to go through them for your refund. Contact them here.

  • My food was cold. How you gonna fix that?

    We’re going to start with an apology – sorry – and we’re going to make it right. Please get in touch with your local store  and tell them we sent you.

  • How do i become a Bun Bros franchisee?

    You want a slice of the action? Ok, start by filling in a Become a Franchisee form and we’ll get right back to you. High five – we look forward to having you aboard.

  • Can my company partner with four star in events in the future?

    Absolutely! Use our contact form to tell us what you have in mind.

  • Will Bun Bros sponsor my sports team?

    Depends. Are you all-conquering, unbeaten, megastars?

    Actually, we have a long history of supporting local sports teams so just contact your local store or tell us about it using our contact form.

  • Would Bun Bros sponsor my charity event?

    Wouldn’t hurt to ask. We’re big into the community and we’re happy to help our neighbours when we can. Once again, contact your local store or tell us about it using this form.

  • Will you cater for a birthday, group event or party?

    We love parties. And people love us at parties. Many of our stores provide special meal deals for large groups – just ask your local one for details.

  • Can i see your allergen information?

    Yes, download the full list here.

  • I’m pregnant – can i eat a Bun Bros epic burger?

    Of course you can. Not only do you deserve it, but your baby will get an early taste of the good things to come. Go for it you two.

  • Are you on social media?

    Have you been asleep for years? We’re ripping it up on Facebook, and Instagram. Follow us and get free burgers and discount codes in our competitions and stuff. You’re welcome.

  • Can i pay with a credit card?

    ‘Course you can. We accept credit and debit cards and lovely, lovely cash. No bartering, IOUs or singing for your supper.

  • How do i join the team?

    So you want to work with us? Cool! We’re always looking for new talent in our stores nationwide. All you have to do is fill out our Join the Team form and we’ll get back to you lickedy-split.

  • Why don’t your burger makers wear gloves?

    Just like chefs in other restaurants our brosologists can’t wear gloves because they need mobility and agility when preparing your food. But relax, we have the strictest hand washing and sterilising during food preparation policies in the world. Ever.

  • I want to complain – how do i contact you?

    First of all, sorry about that. The best and fastest way to contact us is to call your local store and they’ll try to sort the issue out. If you’re still not happy then contact the big guns by filling out this form and we’ll get back to you ASAP.


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