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Monday - Thursday:
16:00 - 00:00

Friday -Sunday:
11:00 - 00:00

Store Address

42 Railway Road, Coleraine, BT52 1PF, Northern Ireland

Store Phone Number

028 7038 0000

Bun Bros Burgers Coleraine

Fancy a juicy handmade burger for dinner? How about a lunchtime pick-me-up made from the best locally-sourced beef, pork and chicken? Get your hands on a burger from Bun Bros Coleraine and say goodbye to dull dinners and adios to boring lunches.

We’ve got incredible burgers and tasty meal deals so get ready to wrap your hands around your new favourite burgers in town. Find out for yourself why the Classic Bro burger is burger perfection. Feel the heat with the Hot & Spicy Bro or see why our Buttermilk Chicken Bro is a local favourite by ordering NOW.

What makes Bun Bros Coleraine burgers special?

People visiting this neck of the woods marvel at the wonder of the Giant’s Causeway. They’ll be just as impressed when they see the epic burger options we’ve got at Bun Bros Coleraine.

Care and attention to detail are what makes our burgers unique. From how we source meat to the toppings we use, we never ever cut corners on anything when we’re making a Bun Bros burger. That’s true too if you’re looking to create their own Bro. We approach burgers just like our sister company, Four Star Pizza, does pizza, which makes a lot of sense for anyone collecting their Bun Bros, as we’re located in the same building on Railway Road. (Pro tip: if you fancy a burger for dinner and someone else fancies a pizza or chicken, check out our Pizza & Burger Deals)

What’s the most popular Bun Bro burger in Coleraine?

Obviously, the Bacon & Cheese Bro is a local favourite, with its combination of bacon, pickle and classic sauce tickling all of your tastebuds. The Smokie Bro is a top-seller too. If you’ve never had it and not had the opportunity to try our smokey baconnaise before, now’s the time.

You can see the Bun Bros Coleraine menu here.

Does Bun Bros Coleraine have any veggie burgers?

We sure do: The Veggie Bro is a no-fuss veggie burger of a veggie patty topped with lettuce, tomato, guacamole and chipotle sauce. Trust us, the one-two punch you get with the veggies and guacamole is something else.

If there are specific ingredients or allergen requirements you have, you’ll find our most recent allergen list on our FAQ page.

What sides can I get at Bun Bros Coleraine?

Do you think we’d serve up amazing burgers and not have incredible sides to go with them? We have a great range of sides on the menu, including the very best chicken wings with lots of different sauces, onion rings, fries and wedges. We find that many people order burgers and also split one of our Spice Boxes or Chicken Combos. Sharing is caring, after all.

How do I order from Bun Bros Coleraine?

The easiest way to make an order is by clicking the Order Now icon in the bottom corner. Simply login, pick delivery or collection and start building out your Bun Bros order. If you need to make any specific changes to an order or are having trouble building your burger, just oder by phone on 028 7038 0000.

Where is Bun Bros Coleraine?

Bun Bros Coleraine is located at 42 Railway Road, just across the road from Railway Place car park (just in case you’re coming to collect and looking for parking).

Do you have any questions about Bun Bros Coleraine?

Most of the questions we get asked are covered in our FAQ section. If there’s something you need help with, from finding out about ingredients or getting assistance with an order, don’t hesitate to get in touch over the phone.

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